Aims and scope

Aims and Scope

We have a deep respect for the history of our journal, created by the first rector of the Ural Mining Institute, P. P. von Weimarn. Therefore, in the formulation of the goals and objectives of our publication we take into account the tasks Weimarn had set to the magazine in the first issue of the journal.
1) The journal must be international, and published in two or more languages.

2) The journal must publish the results of research in selected scientific fields (earth science, engineering science, economics) with the latest achievements in this field, both in Russia and in the world.

3) The journal must increase the professional level of researchers, teachers and students in selected research areas.

Editorial board promises to:
- Continuously improve the level of peer review and editing of papers submitted for publication;
- Provide the widest possible dissemination for published articles in the global scientific community;
- Expand the possibility of extending and indexing of scientific papers in major citation databases, both in Russia and abroad.

Respecting our history, outside the scientific section we publish articles about the history of research in chosen research topics, as well as articles about the history of science of the Urals and the history of the Ural Mining University, where our journal was created and is published. We also pay attention to the scientific discussions and the discussions about the development of our journal.

Developing ourselves, we aim to develop the potential of our authors.