Issue 4(48), 2017


State and prospects of Russian and world gallium market PDF

F. D. Larichkin, A. E. Cherepovitsyn, V. D. Novosel'tseva, L. I. Goncharova

Larichkin F. D., Cherepovitsyn A. E., Novosel'tseva V. D., Goncharova L. I. / News of the Ural State Mining University 4 (2017) 108-114 DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2017-4-108-114

The authors consider the state of Russian and world mineral and raw materials base of gallium, the main spheres of application in various branches and industries of the national economy. The article presents the generalization and analysis of trends in world and Russian production, consumption of rare metal and its compounds, the world trade and global market of gallium and products based on it, consuming it in new science-intensive innovative industries, including the production of military equipment. The unique chemical properties of gallium remained unclaimed for a long time. Only after the discovery of the semiconductor properties of gallium compounds has the situation radically changed: the rate of growth in production and consumption of metallic gallium at the end of the twentieth and beginning of the 21st century amounted to an average of more than 8% per year. The largest area of consumption of gallium is the production of semiconductor materials – gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitride (GaN). The areas of application of gallium not related to the semiconductor industry are very small. Industry structure of consumption of GaAs and GaN: in integrated circuits is 66%; optoelectronic devices (light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, photodetectors and solar batteries) – 20%; the remaining 14% – scientific research, special alloys, etc. Optoelectronic devices are used in aerospace industry, consumer goods, industrial and medical equipment and telecommunications. Integral circuits are used in the military industry, high-power computers and electronic communications. The most significant growing sectors of the market are LEDs, electronics based on gallium nitride and solar cells. Solar energy has become the fastest growing branch of the world economy. The volumes of gallium production in Russia do not correspond to its raw material, scientific and technological potential as the country and require the development activation based on state support.

Keywords: gallium; Russian and world resources; production; consumption; prices; markets; main trends; Russian opportunities and prospects.



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