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Kirill S. Ivanov

Dr, Professor, Member of the Russian Mineralogical and Paleontological Societies, and the International Pander Society, which unites specialists in conodontics
Zavaritsky Institute of Geology and Geochemistry

Ekaterinburg, Russia

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Major research interests: geology, tectonics, geodynamics, paleontology.

Author and co-author of about 700 publications.

Main publications:

1. Ivanov S. N., Ivanov K. S. Hydrodynamic Zoning of the Earth's crust and its Significance // Journal of Geodynamics, 1993. Vol. 17. № 4. Р. 155-180.

2. Ivanov K. S. et al. The geological strip-map and geological crossection across the Southern Urals along the line of future Urseis-95 seismic profile Sterlitamak-Nikolaevka. Scale 1:140000. Urseis-95 initial data. 1995, 9 lists.

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5. Hetzel R., Echtler H.P., Seifert W., Schulte B.A., Ivanov K.S. Subduction-and exhumation-related fabrics in the Paleozoic high-pressure-low-temperature Maksyutov complex, antingan area, Southern Urals, Russia // Geological Society of America Bulletin. 1998. Vol. 110. № 7. С. 916-930.

6. Ivanov K. S., Puchkov V. N., Fyodorov Yu. N., Erokhin Yu. V., Pogromskaya O. E. Tectonics of the Urals and adjacent part of the West-Siberian platform basement: main features of geology and development // Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2013. Geological Evolution of Asia. Vol. 72. Pp. 12-24.

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