Issue 3(35), 2014

Problems of design and operation of mine drainage complexes pdf

Timukhin S. A., Ugolnikov A. V., Dolganov A. V.

Recently, due to the new technologies of mining it is accumulated a lot of unsolved problems in the design and operation of mine drainage complexes. The big problem in the mines is to clean water accumulation tanks, as soon as at the present level of resources and technologies for treatment of lodgement labor for this work is considerable, and it is directly related to the threat of flooding of mine workings. To effectively solve this problem it is need for new ways and means of purification tanks that will provide high performance and complete mechanization of the operating cycle of cleaning. Problem of improvement of mine drainage complexes is solving by use the hydroelevating high- pressure units in the composition of the main drainage of mines, and the development of techniques of differentiated approach when selecting pumping equipment and structural improvement of mine centrifugal pumps. The challenges reported in the article what facing mine drainage complexes, do not cover the whole variety of problems. However, the efficient solution is possible only in an integrated manner.

Keywords: dewatering installation; mine drainage complexes; water tanks; pumps; cleaning of water tanks; the drainage equipment.

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