Issue 3(35), 2014

DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2014-3-81-86 

Institutional foundations of arctic earth using and socio-economic development of territories pdf

Polyanskaya I. G., Ignatieva M. N., Yurak V. V.

Development of hydrocarbon resource base of the Arctic is a real opportunity to ensure energy security of Russia in the long term. Development of hydrocarbon potential implies a transition to an innovative earth using and development of institutional framework for the implementation of this process. In the article the list of fundamental principles of innovative earth using formation and the factors that determine the level of development of the institutional framework of the latter. Recommended valued factors are grouped into four areas: legal, software design, organizational and financial. Performed the calculation of the level of development of the institutional framework for the five countries with respect to the Arctic earth using, according to which Russia takes last place. Appeal to the information relating to production provided an opportunity to assess the loss of budget revenues.

Keywords: Arctic; hydrocarbon resources; institutional framework; quality of life; budget revenues.

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