Issue 3(43), 2016

DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2016-3-50-53

Vein quartz microtextures at the epithermal silver occurence Aid (Tarynsky subvolcanic massif, Eastern Yakutia) pdf

O. A. Sustavov

New data about the microtextural features and the formation conditions of the varieties of vein quartz at the occurence Aid, listed below in the order reflecting the sequence of their formation.
Fine-grained hypidiomorphic quartz – complicated by oriented at different angles to each other the extended along с-axis individuals with close to linear boundaries; often occurs in isolation from other varieties of quartz, mainly on the periphery of the occurence. Crypto- and fine-grained hypidiomorphic quartz is usually heavily soiled with mineral impurities; was precipitated from solutions involving products of rocks fine grinding in fault zones.
Medium-grained parallel-columnar (“comb”) quartz – aggregate of elongated along the c-axis individuals, growing on the walls of the veins; it is characterized by recurrent capture of large number of fluid inclusions during the growth and by the subrhomboedral splitting of individuals. Micro-crypto-grained splitted (“chalcedonic”) quartz is characterised by a fanlike or similar to the cross the extinction of grains; it forms veins, often crossing the hypidiomorphic and comb quartz.
Substantiates the link of succession of unsplitted hypidiomorphic to splitted comb and chalcedonic quartz with the increasing of speeds of solutions, their acidity and the degree of silica supersaturation.
The presence of kaolinite argillizites and chalcedonic quartz, and the existence in chalcedonic quartz and in injection cocade breccias born with some of the deep the fragments of fine-banded quartz veins with dense impregnation of ore minerals provide an indication of a small depth of erosion at the occurrence.

Keywords: Eastern Yakutia; silver mineralization; vein quartz; comb quartz; chalcedonic quartz; splitting of quartz.



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