Rules for authors

Manuscript Submission Requirements

Dear authors!

Our journal publishes new results of research of Russian and foreign authors in Russian or English.

Accepted for publication articles provided with the following prerequisites.

Text of the article in Russian or English in electronic form. Our e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Articles that are already published or sent for publication in other journals are not allowed.

References. We need references In Russian and English. References to sources should go in the text in the order - 1, 2, 3. In the text, references are enclosed in square brackets. Number of references in the text must match the number of literature sources in the references. We recommend writing mentions of State Standards, safety rules, regulations, legal and other documents in the article, without bringing it to the bibliography.

Annotation and keywords. The volume of annotation should be around 200-250 words. By annotation, the reader must determine whether to look at the full text of the article for getting detailed information if he is interested in it. You should refrain from the secondary information and express ideas laconically.

The annotation should reflect:
- The subject, the topic, the purpose of work;
- The method or methodology of work;
- The results of the work and their field of application;
- conclusions.

Information about the authors. You must specify name, position, academic degree and rank, place of work (study) with the full postal address, e-mail and contact telephone number, ORCID ID.

Size of an article, along with the illustrations should not exceed 10 pages.
Fee for article processing and article submission from the authors, including graduate students, in the common queue is not charged.

Formalization of articles
1. The editor - Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman or Minion Pro. The document margins: left is 2 cm, others are 1.5 cm. Font Size 8, single-spaced. Indention is 0.63. You should number the pages. Do not use spaces between paragraphs.
2. Only standard abbreviations of words in the text are allowed. All abbreviations in the text, figures and tables must be decrypted.

3. Type the formulas in Microsoft Equation editor and number them, if there are references in the text to them. Formulas and text letters should be in italics, and the Russian, Greek and digits should be in straight font. Trigonometric marks (sin, cos, tg, arcsin etc.), The signs of the hyperbolic functions (sh, ch, th, cth etc.) designations of chemical elements (Al, Cu, Na etc.) some mathematical terms (lim, In, arg, grad, const, etc.), the numbers or criteria (Re - Reynolds and etc.), the names of the temperature scales (° C - Celsius degrees, etc.) are typed in straight font.

4. Physical units are provided in SI units.

Graphic material

Pictures, maps and drawings are provided in electronic and paper form, in color and/or black and white. Images should be clear, contrast. Tables and charts should be suitable for revision. The tables and charts that are scanned as images are not accepted.

The maps must indicate the scale. The drawings, sections, maps should reflect the minimum amount of letters and numerical indicia, and their explanation should be in the given legend. Photocopies and scanned copies of the photos are not accepted. Drawings with illegible or badly readable labels, with signatures “by hand”, with too thin lines are not accepted.

Font size for captions is 8, the main text in the table is 7, table header is 7.

Every article is subject to double-blind peer review. We always notify author about the reviewer's opinion.