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P. A. Korchagin et al. / News of the Ural State Mining University. 2019. Issue 1(53), pp. 96-102


Relevance and purpose of the work. Vertical and horizontal swings of a pipeline leading to an uneven distribution of its mass and, as a result, the loss of stability of a crane-pipelayer itself is a problem of modern engineering, which has no unambiguous solution today. This paper gives an option of improving the design of an additional support for a pipe-layer’s boom. The proposed solution allows to increase evenness of laying a pipe and increase the stability of the pipelayer in its operating mode. The result can be achieved by using some additional elements to the design of the pipe-layer’s boom support.
Methods. The strength calculation of the proposed design using the existing method is quite time-consuming. To determine the critical stresses, strain values and maximum displacements in the design, the Solid Works software was used.
Results and their discussion. The proposed design involves connecting a support with a cargo boom. The support consist of a hydraulic cylinder and a metal base used to fasten a cylinder to the support by means of a bearing type-connection. To confirm the performance of the proposed technical solution, the dependencies are presented, which are based on the design scheme of the pipelayer working equipment. Calculated dependencies allow determining the amount of load for the pipelayer.
Conclusions. The results of theoretical studies conducted in the Solid Works software product are presented graphically and show stresses, displacements and deformations in the boom design of the machine for laying the main pipeline. Additionally, as a result of research, the value of the safety factor in the design of the pipelayer boom support has been determined. The diagrams of equivalent stresses, strain values, safety factor and possible displacements in the design of the modernized equipment enable us to draw a conclusion on the performance of the proposed design of the pipelayer boom.

Keywords: pipelayer, pipeline construction, road-building machines, major pipeline, pipelayer boom, work equipment.




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