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Nikolay Petrovich OVCHINNIKOV

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N. P. Ovchinnikov/ News of the Ural State Mining University. 2018. Issue 4(52), pp. 108-113

Relevance of the work. Mine water pumped from the mine workings of the underground kimberlite mines of the Russian Federation, administered by PJSC ALROSA, is a highly mineralized natural fluid, and therefore it has a density that exceeds the density of pure tap water by 1.2–1.4 times. For pumping out such natural fluid in the mines mentioned above, sectional pumps with excessive pressure are used that excludes their operation in the overload mode — an undesirable operating mode from the operational point of view. At a number of drainage installations of underground kimberlite mines, the pressure of the used sectional pumps exceeds the predicted total head by more than 1.7 times. The excessive supply of excess pressureof these mining drainage plants reduces the efficiency of their operation due to unproductive energy costs; because of this, the beneficial use of the excessive pressure of their sectional pumps is a demanded scientific and practical task.
Purpose of the work. This paper is devoted to the development and scientific substantiation of a technical solution aimed at combating the solid phase of mine water pumped out of the water-collecting headers of the underground kimberlite mines within the Russian Federation, through the beneficial use of excessive pressure equipment used by the pump equipment.
Method of research. To achieve this goal, an integrated approach was used, including: analysis of various literature sources on the subject of research, analysis of significant practical information on the operation of pumping equipment at underground kimberlite mines of the Russian Federation, analytical calculations, and experimental studies using a laboratory pumping unit based on a K8/18 centrifugal pump.
Results. On the basis of the scientific studies carried out by the author, a technical solution was proposed aimed at fighting the solid phase of mine water entering the water-collecting headers of the underground kimberlite mines of the Russian Federation. This technical solution is protected by patent of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: mine water, underground kimberlite mine, stage chamber pump, excessive pressure, sludge, device for spreading sludge, backwater, cyclone.



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