Issue 4(48), 2017

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The use of tubular belt conveyors for the industrial waste of enterprises PDF

S. Ya. Davydov, N. G. Valiev, M. S. Filatov, N. I. Polezhaev, G. G. Kozhushko

The methods of processing slag of electrolyzers and reverberatory furnaces slag of secondary aluminum production, obtained after extracting aluminum, as well as ash and slag of thermal power plants, hydro plants, waste of ferrous metallurgy in the construction industry are presented in this work. Tubular belt conveyor (TBC) with the use of special expensive tapes, are widely used abroad for moving industrial raw materials. It is also used in Russia (Lebedinsky ore-dressing and processing enterprise and Reftinskaya hydro power). A tape which is rolled in a tube allows to improve the sanitary conditions of labor, to ensure the full safety of cargo, to exclude the harmful effects of aggressive chemical cargoes at the metal of the conveyor, extending its service life. There is an opportunity to convey materials under the angle of 20–25°. The main drawback of TBC, which exist today, is that they are working on an especially patented tape, which is very expensive and it is not produced in Russia. The costs of its replacement are comparable to the price of the pipeline. The Russian customers have already faced this problem. The components are not produced in Russia either, and the cost of their subsequent purchases increases dramatically.

The technical parameters of TBC of the Lebedinsky ore-dressing and processing enterprise and the Reftinskaya hydro power, as well as a comparative table on the use of TBC are presented in this work. Lists of the advantages of TBC are also adduced. The characteristic of TBC Contitech are given.

The use of modern anti-static and flame retardant polymeric materials in the manufacture of the rollers will allow further progress in solving the issues of safe operation of belt conveyors. Such important parameters as reliability and maintainability were taken into account while constructing these conveyors. The tests to replace the metal clips with the rollers, which are made of anti-static polymers are carried out. This will reduce the weight of the roller to 200-800 g, which will increase its service life and will improve the working conditions in mines and processing plants. The calculation of the contact supporting cylindrical rollers and ball of equal mass and tubular tapes has been carried out. In order to study the feasibility of using balls instead of cylindrical rollers, a comparative evaluation of the contact interaction has been carried out for two cases: cylinder-cylinder and sphere-cylinder bodies of different material. The evaluation has been carried out for the case with the same material as well.

Keywords: industrial waste; tubular belt conveyor (TLC); sliding friction; a raceway; ball bearings.



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