Issue 1(33), 2014

Seismic data regularization for combining of neighbour surveys pdf

Kurashov I. A., Bondarev V. I., Krylatkov S. M.

The paper discusses the issues of quality improving of seismic images for their construction based on several seismic surveys carried out with different parameter values of observing system. The method allows increase the image density and stacking fold of seismic traces during such data processing. An example of application of this method for one of the areas in Western Siberia. Shown the possibility of data regularization with increasing of SNR, tracking improvement of target reflectors and image formation for unified coordinate network of seismic traces obtained during the different surveys.

Keywords: data processing, seismic images, reflecting horizon, stacking fold, trace density, signal-to- noise ratio, data interpolation, unification of seismic surveys.



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