Issue 1(45), 2017

Issue 1(45), 2017

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E. N. Volchek, E. A. Slobodchikov, V. N. Ogorodnikov, Yu. A. Polenov, V. S. Chervyakovskiy. New data on petrogeochemistry of volcanic rocks of Sukholozhsky area of the east slope of the Middle Urals and their geodynamic interpretation (7-13) pdf

V. S. Ponomarev, Yu. V. Erokhin, K. S. Ivanov. Composition of basalts from the Pre-Jurassic basement of Western Siberia (West-Tarkosalinskaya area, Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district) (In English) (14-18) pdf

S. G. Sustavov, D. A. Khanin, E. S. Shagalov. The first discovery of goyazite in dolomite-quartz veins of Berezovsky gold deposit (19-22) pdf

A. V. Zakharov, O. L. Galakhova. Structural and chemical features of potash feldspars from pegmatites of the Lipovskoe vein field (Middle Urals) (In English) (23-26) pdf

T. R. Akhmedov. Forecasting of hydrocarbon potential with a new approach to seismic inversion (27-31) pdf

V. M. Sapozhnikov, K. M. Ermolaev. Well electrical prospecting of disjunctive dislocations in the ore fields (32-36) pdf

M. E. Kolchina, V. E. Konovalov, N. V. Kolchina. Safety and organization issues of rational use of lands of industrial cities in areas of underground mine workings influence (37-43) pdf

A. A. Seleznev, I. V. Yarmoshenko, A. S. Savast'yanova, A. B. Makarov. Modern anthropogenic deposits and their usage for the assessment of environmental status of urban areas (44-49) pdf

B. P. Golubko, A. V. Gal'yanov, A. E. Bannikov. Development of effective observation methods of geomechanical processes in internal dumps and interpretation of their results (50-54) pdf



M. G. Koryaga, A. N. Domrachev. Prospects of wells application for assurance of the emergency modes of airing and rescuing people caught in an accident in coal mine (55-58) pdf

O. G. Latyshev, D. V. Prishchepa. Accounting for the scale effect in designing parameters of mining technology (59-61) pdf

V. T. Dmitriev, D. R. Gabidullin, G. A. Boyarskikh, A. O. Kochanov. Choosing a construction of junction point of mining turbomachines and a collector (62-64) pdf

O. G. Blinkov, S. G. Frolov, S. A. Mayorov. Study of volume-stressed state of supporting elements of a bit (65-67) pdf

S. R. Rasulov. Fireproof cleaning of tanks from oil sediments (In English) (68-71) pdf

A. V. Semenkin. Accounting for time factor in determining the efficiency of application of cyclic-and-continuous technology complexes (72-75) pdf



I. G. Polyanskaya, M. N. Ignat'eva, V. V. Yurak. Assessment of completeness of institutional provision of ecological safety of nature management for the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan (76-83) pdf

V. G. Loginov, R. B. Rudakov, N. D. Koroteev. Creating high-tech productions as a factor of raw material security ("Polar quartz" project) (84-87) pdf

D. S. Voronov, N. V. Gorodnova, S. V. Pridvizhkin. Energy efficiency of building enterprises as a factor of growth of their competitiveness in conditions of public-private partnership (88-93) pdf

M. S. Kubarev. Natural potential as a basis for socio-economic development of the territory (In Russian, in English) (94-99) pdf



V. V. Filatov. Geophysical research in the Urals in the 20-30 years of XX century (100-103) pdf

Yu. A. Polenov, V. N. Ogorodnikov. The history of prospecting, exploration and development of the crystalline deposits of the Middle and Southern Urals (104-108) pdf



A. G. Shorin. Buildings of the Ural Mining University (109-125) pdf

N. V. Khisamutdinova. Ural chemist B. P. Pentegov and his contribution to the far eastern science (126-129) pdf

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