Issue 1(29), 2013

Issue 1(29), 2013


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Pyatkova V. B., Surnev V. B. Substantiation of the adequacy of the method of integral evolution equations for mathematical modeling of linear parametric systems with concentrated parameters (3-7) pdf

Polenov Yu. A., Ogorodnikov V. N., Savichev A. N. Regularities of localization of rare-earth elements in quartz of quartz-containing formations of the Urals (8-15) pdf

Kadysheva E. V., Filatov V. V., Yurin Yu. F. Novo-Shemursky copper-pyrite deposit and its tectonophysical characteristics on gravimetric data (16-24) pdf

Khokhryakov A.V., Fadeichev A.F., Tzeitlin E.M. Application of integral criterion to determine the environmental hazards of enterprises of mining industrial complex (25-31) pdf

Strashnenko G. I. Regularities of placement and forecast of massive sulfide ore clusters in collision zone of the main Ural fault (MUF) (32-42) pdf


Gribennikov N.V., Boyarskih G.A., Boyarskih I.G. Comparative assessment of extreme state of constructive elements of integrated and demountable rotary drilling bits (43-55) pdf

Popov Yu. V., Timukhin S. A., Saypullaev A. A., Kasimov A. A., Nekrasov N. Yu. Some problems of development of new generation winders and construction of hoisting complexes on their basis (56-58) pdf

Stozhkov D. S. Grounds of dependence of expenses on electric drive of pumps on the stage height in multistage mine dewatering (59-62) pdf


Polyanskaya I. G., Maslennikov V. V. Assessment of institutional environment of the nature use in Yamal-Nenetsky autonomous region (63-71) pdf

Litvinova A. A., Ignatieva M. N. Methodical approach to accounting and assessment of biovariety in elaboration of the strategy of development of polar and arctic territories (72-80) pdf

Balashenko V. V., Loginov V. G., Dushin A. V. Zoning of the territory of the eastern slope of Sub-polar Urals with the purpose of its economic use (81-87) pdf

Kosolapov O. V., Ignatieva T. A. Pionering of mineral resources and reward (88-94) pdf


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