Issue 18, 2003

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Issue 18, 2003

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Panyak S. G. Metamorphism studies at the centuries' boundary (8-13)

Fedorov U. N., Ivanov K. S., Koshevoy V. N., Kormiltsev V. V., Pecherkin M. F., Zaharov S. G., Pavlov M. M., Erohin U. V., Pogromskaya O. E., Kaleganov B. A., Knyazeva I. V. Geology of coupling zone of the Urals and West-Siberian platform (the north-Sosvinsky region) (14-24)

Kassin G. G., Filatov V. V. Salt structures genesis of Verhnekamsk potassium salt deposit (25-31)

Alekseev V. P., Fedorov U. N., Gazaleev S. S., Pecherkin M. F., Russkey V. I., Svechnikov, L. I. Cyclicity as efficient principles of stratification of terrigenous stratum (concerning to deposits of Tumen measure of West-Siberian megabasin) (32-37)

Bogoyavlenskaya O. V. Stromatoporats and sponges correlation (38-40)

Bogoyavlenskaya O. V., Lihachova E. V. Amphipora s.I. in middle-Paleozoic basin (41-43)

Pogromskaya O. E. Lithobiomicrofacies analyses and its significance for carbonate rocks studying (44-49)

Alekseev V. P. About terrigenous sedimentation speed at the continental block (50-56)


Malugin A. A., Sustavov S. G., Dushin V. A. Mineralogical peculiarities of alluvial deposits of the Pole Urals (57-62)

Kleymenov D. A., Felimonov S. V., Erohin U. V. New data about nickel sulphides and arsenides composition of Berezovskoye gold-bearing deposit (63-67)

Sokol-Kutilovskey I. O., Grigoriev V. V. Opals of oxidation zone of Gaiskoye copper pyrite deposit (structure, composition and genesis) and copiapite accompanying them (68-70)

Svergunov P. V. Relationship between chrysolite-asbestos fibrillar structure and its fractional composition (71-73)

Sustavov O. A., Nohrina N. N. Granites acetisation in contacts of muscovite-carbonate veins in the central part of Shartash massif (74-77)

Malahov I. A., Alekseev A. V., Burmako P. L. Muiti-vicissitude in chromite formation in harburgites of the Ural massif and metamorphism influence on their composition (78-84)

Kalugina M.V. Chromospinelides composition of diamond alluvial deposit of Tipilskaya field in the Northern Urals and their genetic nature (85-90)

Elohin V. A., Chesnokov V. I., Chechulina U. V. Ores geochemical characteristics in South-Sameiskoye molybdenum deposit (91-97)

Polenov Yu. V. Evolution of qartz-veints on the Urals accretion-folded orogen (98-104)


Dvornik G. P., Ugrumov A. N., Balahonov V. S. Metasomatites and gold-jasper mineralization in the contact zone of abnormal alkaline massif with bearing carbonate strata (105-109)

Dushin V. A., Koshevoy V. N., Konovalov N. M., Ignatieva M. N., Dushin A. V. Prospect and conditions of localisation of the most important mineral raw materials in the near polar Urals (110-117)

Malakhov I. A., Kazakov I. I. Garnets and clinopyroxenes in the rocks of Bashkirskoye elevation and using of their composition for diamonds basement sources exploration (118-126)

Rudnitskiy V. F. Pyrites mineralization forecasting in the boundaries of mining allotments of the Urals copper-ore enterprises (127-135)

Elohin V. A. Pyrites occurrence of Hromatolouskoye field in the polar Urals and their molybde-num bearing (136-141)

Kuznetsov A. Zh. Allocation of iron, brimstone and phosphorus in magnetite ores of Gomobla-godatskoye deposit in the middle Urals (142-146)

Zyryanov V. A., Svergunov P. V. About genetic relationship between serpentinization and ores qualitative characteristics of Bazhenovskoye chrysotile-asbestos deposit (147-151)

Panov J. K. Metrological audit of medods testing on Mirgalimsay lead-bearing mine (152-157)

Makarov А. В. About classification of man-caused-mineral deposits (158-162)

Frolov S. G., Tarasov B. N. Working out of efficient decisions in difficult conditions drilling (163-165)


Davydov A. V. Sinchronization of code Manchester-II on output of hoisting cable (166-169)

Kassin G. G., Filatov V. V. Krasnoufimsk fracture: structure and history according to geophysics data (170-176)

Krylatkov S. M., Krylatkova N. A., Nechetkin O. B. Studying of crust-dangerous railway sections by means of prospecting seismology (177-184)

Bondarev V. I., Krylatkov S. M., Krylatkova N. A. New facilities of multiple coverings method (185-193)

Aleksandrova Zh. N. An express measurements experience of specific activity of radio-nuclide Sr90 in situ on the territory of the east-Ural radioactive trace (194-197)

Vinogradov V. B., Bolotnova A. A. Conduit’s magnetic field (199-201)

Kuzin A. V. Three-electrode vertical electric sounding near electricity-conductive line interference (202-205)

Belyaeva A. A., Brednev I. I., Ounbilag H., Syskov S. S. Identification of samples’ humidity of low-porosity rocks taking into account their surface humidity (206-210)


Vladimirov U. I., Elohina S. N. About estimation of underground waters operational reserves (211-215)

Elohina S. N. Some points of forecast procedure of mine water flood onto the surface while mine fields self-flooding (216-219)

Afanasiady E. I., Gorbova S. V. Carbonate karst geodynamics in Suholozhsko-Bogdanovich region (east mountainside of the Urals) (220-228)

Abaturova I. V., Liharev B. V., Noskova I. A., Saburov I. S. Regularities of permafrost section occurrence in Salehard region (229-232)

Ruban N. V., Glazirina N. S. Geological environment as an element of risk in engineering constructions building in Kamensk-Uralskey region (233-236)

Tagiltsev S. N., Kibanova T. N. Geomechanical analysis of geological dips of prebreaking-off fractures in rock missives (237-241)

Alekseev A. F., Vasilenko V. G. Review of some rock testing standardized methods and applied terminology (242-248)

Alekseev A. F. Forming of asbestos-bearing hyperbasite characteristics (249-255)

Guman O. M., Dolgopoly V. N., Zaharov A. V. Methodical principals of information processing in local monitoring of environment (256-261)

Guman O. M., Dolinina I. A. Hydro-geochemical model of hard domestic waste polygon (262-272)

Nechaeva N. N., Gryaznov O. N. Using of natural soils of the Urals while industrial and domestic waste polygons construction in Sverdlovsk region (273-283)

Kolosnitsina O. A. Ecological monitoring peculiarities of iron-ore deposits (284-290)

Makushev D. U. Influence of Sredne-Uralk copper-smelting plant sewage water on the Chusovaya River (291-297)

Boltyrov V. D. Trans-Ural ancient rivers’ paleobeds as strata-collectors for safe burial of liquid toxic waste (298-300_

Emlin E. F. Ural city as phenomenon of geotechnical sphere (301-311)

ABSTRACTS (312-324)

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