Issue 3, 1993

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Issue 3, 1993

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Introduction (7-8)

Mining of Mineral Deposits

Кhokhryakov V. S. The Conditions of Development of Open-Pit Mining in Rossian Federation (9-15)

Yudin A. V. Comparative Efficiency and Spheres of Application of Transport Loading Systems in Deep Quarries (16-21)

Lei Yu. I., Meshcheryagin Yu. B. Research of Exploitation of Different Capacity Trucks at the Karagaysk Deposit (22-29)

Torov V. S. Grounds and Parameters of Elaboration of Road Building Mechanisms for Open Pit Mining (30-35)

Frolov A. V., Vasilyev V. V., Tsigler Ye. N., Tsykunov A. N. Development of a Western Sector of Vostochny Deposit of Magnitnaya Mountain with the Inside Dumping (36-43)

Mine and Shaft Construction

Kornilkov М. V., Krayev Yu. K. Peculiarities of Application of Arch and Rock Bolting Support in Unstable Rocks (44-46)

Kornilkov М. V. The Methods of Arch Support Strength Increase (47-50)

Rocks Crushing

Bychkov G. V. Dynamics of Impact Rocks Crushing (51-57)

Mechanics of Rocks, Mine-Surveying, Geodesy

Turintsev Yu. I., Kiselev V. A. Estimation and Stability Forecast of Land-Slide Slopes in Solution of a Space Problem (58-63)

Polovov V. D., Lyadsky V. L. Monitoring of Mining Units Conditions with Automatic Diagnostic Systems (64-69)

Gordeev V. A., Samarin A. V. Criteria of a Division into Districts of a Quarry Field by Slope Stability (70-71)

Kiselev V. A., Zemskikh G. V. Grounds Procedure of Observation Station Рarameters on a Quarry Edge (72-74)

Gordeev V. A., Matygin G. V. Investigation of Geomechanical Processes in Exploitation of Talings Storage of «Erdenet» MCP (75-79)

Akulova Ye. A. On the State of Mine Surveying Geodetic Networks at the Urals Mining Enterprises (80-83)

Economics and Organization of Mining

Karpov G. S., Strovsky V. Ye. The Methodical Approach to the Choice of Optimal Strategy of Deposits Finishing (84-88)

Mine Ventilation, Labour and Environmental Protection

Ladynichev L. V., Yartsev V. A. The Content of Toxic Gases in Crushed Ore after Mass Blasting in a Quarry (89-92)

Ladynichev L. V. The Application Experience of Inhausting Method of Ventilation of Underground Mines in Conditions of Combined Development of Deposits (93-95)

Starikov A. D., Makarov V. V. The Methods of Exposure of Technological and Infrastructural Reserves of Mining Enterprises Accounting Geological and Economic Requirements (96-100)

Goloviznikov A. V. Atmosphere Protection at Small Quarries (101-104)

Mathematical Methods and Automated Systems in Mining

Zobnin В. B., Bogdanova I. P. Estimation of Sensitivity of the Iron Mass Portion in a Concentrate to Possible Controlling Actions (105-109)

Rebrin Ye. Yu. Presentation and Processing of Mine-Surveying Data for Mining Plans at Personal Computers (110-115)

Sivkov M. N., Belyaev V. L. Automatic Mining-Geomentrical Designing at Cross-Sections (116-121)

Molokov A. A. Problems of Mathematical Modelling of Facing Stone Deposits (119-121)

Etkina N. I. The Algorythm of Delineation of Local Anomalies in Processing of Geophysical Data (122-125)

Starikov A. D. Principles of the Automatized Database of the Railway System at the Mining Property (126-128)

Sivkov M. N., Shelest A. T. Computer-Aided Calculation of Railway Curves Correction (129-130)

Semenova A. S. Automated System of Graphical Information in Mining (131-134)

Problems of Mining Education

Kornilkov S. V. Operation Experience and Problems of Development of the Computer-Aided Pit Designing Training System (135-137)

Short Reports

Ulizhev A. G. Researches of the Influence of Structural Peculiarities of Carst in Rock Massif in Drilling and Blasting Operations (138-139)

Makarov V. V. Consideration of Ecological Factors in Designing of Railway Transport Routes (140-141)

Golovyrin S. S. Mathematical Model of a Formation Process of Qualitative Characteristics of the End Product of Mining Enterprises (142-144)

Goloviznikova I. V. On Possibility of Technogenic Deposits Reprocessing (145-147)

Summaries (in Russian) (148-153)

Summaries (in English) (154-159)

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