Issue 1(57), 2020

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H.A.M. Awad
A.V. Nastavkin
Geological and petrographical studies around Um Taghir area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt 7
E. I. Soroka
A. A. Galeev
V. I. Petrova
V. P. Lyutoev
L. V. Leonova
Dispersed organic matter characteristics as an indicator of rock alteration degree of the Safyanovskoe copper-sulphide deposit (Middle Urals) 26  
S.Y. Kropantsev Demantoid from the Telyansky Klyuch deposit (Middle Urals) – is the place of the first discovery in the Urals 37  
T.N. Surin Early Permian granitoids of the East Magnitogorsk zone (Southern Urals): petrology, geochemistry, and geodynamic formation environment 47  
G.P. Dvornik Types of metasomatic rocks: temperature conditions, buildups, features of composition, minerageny 63  
A.V. Alekseev
V.A. Sherendo
Composition, structure and magnetic properties of ore chrome spinels of the Klyuchevsky massif (Middle Urals) 73

R.N. Zubov Development of criteria for determining the color saturation of gemstones 86  
A.A. Seleznev
A.V. Klimshin
Heavy metals in urban grounds in Ekaterinburg (Russia) 96  
S.N. Elokhina
A.A. Kindler
Monitoring of the condition subsurface on the post mining period in the Ural region (Degtyarskiy land area) 105  
M.Y. Povarennykh
E.N. Matvienko
A.V. Knot`ko
The first find of carbon nano- and microtubes and graphite microflakes in carbonate “stone pipes” (island of Crete, Greece) 118  



P.A. Korchagin
I.A. Teterina
E.A. Korchagina
Mathematical model of the road vibrating roller 133  
E.A. Gorbatova
B.I. Pirogov
M.S. Kolkova
O.S. Kolesatova
Determining the possibility of separation of titanomagnetite and ilmenite in the selective separation of titanomagnetite ores 140  
M.A. Vasilyeva Magnetic peristaltic pumps for stowing operations 150  
M.L. Khazin Mining machinery and environmental regulations of countries worldwide 156

E.K. Abdulaev
P.N. Makharatkin
A.I. Kuzhelev
V.A. Atroshchenko
Datum ranking and analysis of factors affecting tire wear 164  



Z.M. Nazarova
Y.V. Zabaikin
M.A. Yakunin
Formation of a stable price for energy resources by solving a non-linear dynamic problem as an element of
socio-economic stability of the economy
A.N. Ivanov
V.E. Strovskiy
Resource-based view for estimation of economic loss when subsoil development 182  
R.A. Dolzhenko The place and role of blockchain in the system of economic relations in the context of digitalization of production 189  
O.A. Lapaeva The concept of socio-economic regulation of labor activity of employees of a coal-mining enterprise 196  
A.S. Kostarev Assessment of reserves of innovative development of a coal-mining production association and the impact of organizational and economic relations on their use 208  
Z.K. Galiev
N.V. Galieva
I.V. Drozdova
The efficiency of the coal industry based on the factor of labor productivity growth 218  



Y.V. Erokhin
Y.A. Polenov
A.G. Shorin
Pavel Ivanovich Preobrazhenskiy (1874–1944) and preobrazhenskite 223  
V.V. Filatov Mathematician and Physicist 233  



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