Issue 4(32), 2013

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 4(32), 2013


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Surnev V. B. Operator-matrix model of economic system with continuous time (5-11) pdf

Andrianov B. A. Natural low energy reaction of nuclear fusion (12-16) pdf

Polenov Yu. A., Ogorodnikov V. N., Babenko V. V. Genetic link of Berezovsk gold deposit with adamellites of Shartash intrusion (the Middle Urals) (17-27) pdf

Sustavov O. A. A large quartz vein in the eastern part of Shartash granite intrusion: metasomatic alterations of surrounded rocks and infrared spectrums of quartz crystals (28-31) pdf

Polozov M. B. Space and time changeability of chemical composition of natural waters during long-term oil extraction (33-38) pdf

Kontar E. S., Dushin V. A. Modern theoretical fundamentals of forecast and search for mineral deposits (about a new book «Metallogeny», the author is professor of Moscow State University V. I. Starostin) (39-40) pdf


Soloviev V. A., Sekuntsov A. I., Chernopazov D. S. Development and application of sylvinite seams excavation technology with pillar-and-chamber method in Verchnekamsk potash deposit (41-46) pdf

Zhabko A. V. Fundamentals of the general theory of calculation of slope stability (47-58) pdf

Davydov S. Ya. New solutions of the use of industrial tapes for transportation of loose materials (59-71) pdf

Gericke P. B. Non-destructive control of hydromechanization equipment in coal mines of Kuzbass (72-76) pdf


Kosolapov O. V., Ignatieva M. N. Stability as one of the main characteristics of the system (77-81) pdf

Ovcharov A. Yu. On insurance of nuclear risks (82-87) pdf

Dushin A. V. New industrialization and knowledge economy: bases of the development (88-92) pdf

Strovsky V. E., Kosolapov O. V. Formation of local potentials of the enterprise (93-96) pdf

Lavrikova Yu. G., Kotlyarova S. N. Developing of markets of industrial production of Sverdlovsk region in conditions of World Trade Organization (WTO) (97-100) pdf


Maslennikova V. M. Formation of the Ural mining institute (101-104)

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