Issue 24, 2010

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 24, 2010


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Rasulov A. T. Concentration of concretion carbonates by heavy carbon isotope in some coal-bearing formations of the Urals and adjoining territories (3-12)

Panyak S. G. Physical-mathematical models of determined processes in natural sciences (13-20)

Polenov Yu. A., Ogorodnikov V. N., Sazonov V. N. Onthogenic types of granulated quartz (21-27)

Gryaznov O. N. Actual hydrogeological, engineering-geological and geo-ecological problems of the Urals (28-32)

Bernatonis V. K., Bernatonis P. V., Kudashev I. G. The main trends in the development of peat exploration methods (33-39)

Surnev V. B., Pyatkova V. B., Chelovechkov A. I. About temperature instability of inductive measuring transformer (40-52)


Boyarskikh I. G. Investigation of technological conditions and efficiency of vibro-reinforcing of chisel bits (53-58)

Popov Yu. V, Timukhin S. A., Sadykov E. L. Problems of efficiency increase of mine multiple-rope hoist with surface location of hoisting equipment (59-67)

Makarov V. N. Analytical calculation of characteristics of radial grid of profiles With integrated eddy source (68-70)

Kapanin N. V, Shestakov V. S. Elaboration of mathematical model of operation process of quarry excavator (71-76)

Potapov V. Ya. Mathematical description of process of separating of particles in drum-rack separator (77-85)

Boyarskikh I. G. Methods of simulation of geological properties of hard-alloy products made of alloys of XC-Co group before reinforcing of percussion-drilling instrument (86-90)

Glinnikova T. P., Khazin M. L., Volegov S. A. Influence of parameters of shut-off unit onto efficiency of valve operation (91-92)

Minyaev Yu. N., Zobnin В. B., Berkani M. Urgency of problems of re-engineering of mine compressor installations (93-95)

Komissarov A. P., Prokopovich G. V. To foundation of rational conditions of transfer of impact power to rock when drilling (96-98)

Makarov N. V. Peculiarities of flow in a circular grid of profiles in critical points (98-100)

Medvedevskikh V. A., Boyarskikh G. A., Rubtsov М. V. Statistic analysis of technical state and repair-suitability of EKG-8I excavators in the process of operation (101-106)

Volkov S. A. Parameters optimization of eddy chambers of gas evacuating ventilators working wheel (107-110)

Fomin V. I. Aerodynamic characteristics of centrifugal ventilator with a radial power regulator (111-113)

Sitnikov N. B., Berdov I. A. Optimization of the process of full-hole drilling of geological exploration boreholes (114-118)


Dushin A. V. Possibilities and problems of application of regional mineral-raw materials potential in conditions of crisis for preservation of stable tempo of social economic development (119-124)

Mochalova L. A. Ecological risks of industrial enterprise and its management (125-131)

Ignatyeva M. N., Fadeichev A. F., Zaslavskaya S. V. About rating of mining industrial complexes on the degree of their influence onto the environment (132-137)

Litvinova A. A. Methodical positions of a regional system formation of specially protected natural territories in conditions of northern area (138-144)

Stambulchik E. V., Ignatyeva M. N. Efficiency of introduction of a quality system at the Ural State Mining University (145-147)

Timofeev S. V. Formation of a system of personnel quality management at higher school (148-151)

Nasedkin V. A. State awards of outstanding sportsmen of the Ural State Mining University devoted to the university jubilee (152-156)


Khisamutdinova N. V. М. K. Eliashevich (1889-1982) and his contribution to geological investigations in the far east (157-160)


Boyarskikh G. A. Blinov Nikolai Ivanovich (1888-1971) (to the 120th jubilee since the day of birth) (161-163)

Bogoyavlenskaya О. V. То memory of О. F. Neiman-Permyakova (1888-1950) (164-165)

Gordeev V. A. Sobolevsky Petr Konstantinovich (1868-1949) (166-171)

Babenko V. V. Shekhtman Pavel Aleksandrovich (1908-1979) (172-174)

Filatov V. V. Yarosh Andrei Yakovlevich (1908-1979) (175-180)

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