Issue 1(33), 2014

Operational planning  of procurement  of  the mining  and metallurgical  enterprise  repair resources pdf

Boeva L. M., Osnovina O. N.

The problem of optimization of the operational planning process for procurement of materials and spare parts to repair the equipment of JSC "Lebedinsky GOK" (LGOK). Demand for repair resources in terms of mining and metallurgical enterprise contains elements of chance due to the frequent occurrence of emergency applications, rapid adjustment of production plans, changes in the composition of equipment due to modernization and reconstruction. The authors propose to use different strategies for different inventory management on the importance and nature of expenditure used repair resources. Implementation of proposed models of inventory management of mining and metallurgical equipment LGOK will eliminate excess inventory maintenance resources, reduce unnecessary cost overruns on their purchase, provides rhythm and quality of repair works. Keywords: mining and metallurgical equipment; planning repairs; repair resources; procurement plan maintenance supplies and equipment, inventory control strategy; insurance reserves; "reorder point"; the volume of the order.



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