Issue 2(38), 2015

UDC 622.532

The optimization of hydraulic capacity of catchment tanks for mine dewatering systems

Ugolnikov A. V.

The article discusses the implementation of off-peak electricity on mine dewatering complexes. It is shown that the power consumption is directly related with the size of the catchment tanks and capac- ity of pumping equipment. From the condition of electricity mine dewatering and forming electrical loads under peak load in the power system we get the relation of the cost of electricity from the scope of the sump. An analysis of the relation shows that reducing payment for electricity consumption up to a maximum value of corresponding volume at which the penalties are minimal or zero, a further increase of volume header is beside the purpose because the cost of electricity related with the volume header on this site is a line parallel to the horizontal axis.

Keywords: off-peak electricity consumption; volume header; mine dewatering systems.

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