Issue 1(45), 2017

DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2017-1-19-22

The first discovery of goyazite in dolomite-quartz veins of Berezovsky gold deposit pdf

S. G. Sustavov, D. A. Khanin, E. S. Shagalov

The subject of study is a rare primary phosphate of strontium and aluminum – goyazite. Currently, in the Urals there are several findings of this mineral, which in varying degrees characterize this rare strontium phosphate. The paper contains a detailed description of the first discovered goyazite at the Berezovsky gold deposit. Flattened rhombohedral crystals of pinkish-red goyazite are growing on quartz crystals with the formation of induction surfaces of shared growth. Grains of goyazite occur as chains in beresites in the form of small chains. In the description of morphology, authors described in detail the simple forms that developed on the crystals, and their sculpture. The study of the chemical composition of the mineral showed that along with the main goyazite mineral, there are impurity minerals present – svanbergite and crandallite. In the related dolomite authors established typomorphic particulars of the chemical composition, reflecting the influence of surrounding rocks. Diffraction study shows that the exact diagnostics of the minerals in the group is possible only if their chemical composition is available. Authors calculated the parameters of elementary cell of the mineral and identified their specific parameters. All discoveries of previously found goyazite are confined to terrigenous rocks, greisens, pegmatites and carbonatites. This is the first occurrence of the mineral in hydrothermal gold deposit. The interrelation with the minerals surrounding goyazite shows its formation of the final stages of a second, quartz-pyrite mineral assemblage. Local and weak development of goyazite in quartz-dolomite veins, apparently, is due to the low content of strontium in the enclosing volcanic and sedimentary rocks, from which it was retrieved later by hydrothermal solutions. The work will serve to clarify the mineralogy and geochemistry of the classical gold deposit of the Urals.

Keywords: Berezovsky gold deposit; strontium and aluminum phosphate; goyazite; сrandallite; svanbergite; beresite; dolomite-quartz vein; diffraction study; unit cell parameters.



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