Issue 1(45), 2017

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2017-1-55-59

Prospects of wells application for assurance of the emergency modes of airing and rescuing people caught in an accident in coal mine pdf

M. G. Koryaga, A. N. Domrachev

The article provides an analysis of the chronology of accidents, indicating the imperfection of the system of emergency protection of coal mines. Authors determined the time of retrieval of personnel to the surface and operative localization of arisen fire or consequences of explosion. The most pressing problem in case of accidents with the long period of development and the risk of blocking of emergency exits is to rescue personnel of mine, especially when time of retrieval to the surface exceeds the time of protective effect of self-rescuer. Authors also set a number of objectives for rescue of the personnel in an emergency and determined estimated time of retrieval of worker with self-rescuer to a surface in a normal mine atmosphere. The article presents the most likely scenarios for mine personnel in case of an unexpected development of the accident. If coal mine has a station of switching to reserve self-rescuers (SSRS) then it becomes possible to reach the surface in a time exceeding the time of the protective effect of the self-rescuer, but upon leaving the SSRS personnel falls under the shock wave effect or other damaging factors that form in the process of accident development. Chronology of mining accidents shows that if rescuers have not managed to eliminate the source of fire or explosion effects of methane-air mixture in the first hours of the accident, in the next 24 hours the situation would only get worse. Authors considered the rescue of mine personnel by the means of collective rescue of personnel or refuge chambers. One can find the review of commercially available models of refuge chambers, as well as their main technical characteristics. Authors propose a variant of extending the functionality of the refuge chamber and substantiate the integration of advanced drilling technologies in the emergency protection system of the mine of modern technological level.

Keywords: accident; mine rescue; refuge chamber; well.



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