Aims and scope

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Aims and Scope

The editors seek to acquaint the world community with the latest scientific achievements of the authors of the Ural region of Russia; we are constantly trying to establish some  scientific ties with foreign scientists in order to create small collaborations and, accordingly, to develop and replenish scientific knowledge.

Our journal is unique in the fact that it was not published during the “Soviet” period at all: the first issue was formed at that time when Ekaterinburg did not yet have Soviet power; it was printed in Vladivostok when this city was not dependent on the Bolsheviks. With the advent of Soviet power, publication of the journal was stopped for ideological reasons, and only in 1993, after the collapse of the USSR, it was continue its work at the institute that became the successor to the educational organization where it was printed earlier. For this reason, the journal in that period has lost much in the number of possible citations.

The decision to resume publication of the journal was dictated by the fact that the first issue, printed in the pre-Soviet period, was created at the highest international standards of the time. Unfortunately, it was not possible to immediately reach the same level – the journal was still created by people brought up during the Soviet system, which had its own pecularities in the presentation of scientific materials. However, achievement  of the state-of-the-art results (as it did the first editor of the journal, Peter P. von Weimarn) became an important stimulus for the development of the journal nowadays. Therefore, the journal is now seeking to take its place among other scientific journals; that was dream of its creator.

The editors try to do everything possible to fill this gap. We focus on the readership, work with authors and teach them, take interest in all modern publishing and scientometric methods, electronic and Internet resources and, if possible, use them in our practice.

The mission of the journal called “News of the Ural State Mining University” is a scientific search for technically and economically sound solutions for the development of the mineral and raw material potential within the framework of environmental restrictions, as well as discussion of the results of basic research in the field of Earth science.

When implementing these tasks, the editors find necessary the following things:

1) exchange of information about new solutions in technical sciences and Earth sciences;

2) discussion of new ideas in geology and mining;

3) connection of science and production;

4) development of fundamental science in mining and geology.

The materials on the geology of ore and oil fields are of greatest interest. They determine development of the modern material and raw material base of the world according to the methods of studying them.

We deeply respect the history of our journal, which was created by the first rector of the Ural Mining Institute, Peter P. von Weimarn. Therefore, when formulating the goals and objectives of the journal, we also take into account the tasks that Weimarn set in its first issue. 

1) The journal should be international and published in two or more languages.

2) The journal should publish the results of scientific research in selected scientific fields (Earth sciences, technical and economic sciences) taking into account recent advances in this field, both in Russia and in the world.

3) Improve the professional level of researchers, teachers, graduate students and students in selected areas of the research.

Editorial team undertakes to:

- constantly increase the level of reviewing and editing articles submitted for publication;

- ensure that the published articles are as widely distributed as possible in the world scientific community;

- expand the possibilities of distribution and indexing of scientific works in the main citation bases, both in Russia and abroad.

Respecting our history we publish articles on the history of the research within selected scientific sections, and articles on the history of science of the Urals and the Ural Mining University, in particular, where our journal was created and published. We also pay attention to scientific discussions about the development our journal.

Developing ourselves, we aim at developing the scientific potential of our authors.


Topics of articles accepted for publication:


General and regional geology

Paleontology and stratigraphy

Geotectonics and geodynamics

Petrology, volcanology

Mineralogy, Crystallography



Engineering geology, permafrost studies and science of soil improvement

Geochemistry, geochemical methods of mineral exploration

Geophysics, geophysical methods of mineral exploration

Geology, exploration activity of solid commercial minerals, minerageny

Geology, exploration activity of oil and gas oilfields

Technology and equipment for geological exploration

Applied mining geology and petroleum field geology, geophysics, mine surveying and minerals geometry

Geomechanics, rock destruction, mining aerogasdynamics and thermophysics

Geotechnology (undersurface, open and structural)

Hydrology of land, water resources, hydrochemistry


Environmental geology (branch-wise)


Road construction equipment and handling machinery

Mining machinery


Environmental economics and management


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