Issue 3(55), 2019

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A. Tarshan
M. M. Abdeen
S.V. Shimanskiy

Three-dimensional depth-based structural
modelling of the central eastern part of the Gulf
of Suez, Egypt

(In English)


A. S. Mahmoud
V. V. Dyakonov

Paleovolcanic model for the evolution of the
basement complex of the central part of Egyptian
Eastern Desert

(In English)

N. F. Fedorova

Paleogeomorphic depositional settings
of the devon sediments
of the pre-Caspian depression

(In English)

P. A. Oboskalov
M. P. Popov

Polychromic tourmalines from rare-metal granite
pegmatites of the Medvedevsky rare metal deposit
(Middle Urals)

(In English)


K. Y. Adzhamov
S. R. Rasulov
E. A. Guseinova
S. M. Gasanova

Physico-chemical characteristics of oil shale deposits
Dzhangichay, Bolshoy Siyaki and Maliy Siyaki
(Republic of Azerbaijan)

I. L. Nedosekova
S. V. Pribavkin

Ore niobium minerals of the pyrochlore group of carbonates of the Urals: compositional features and geochemical evolution


F. B. Makarov
G. G. Khasanova
A. G. Talalay

Technogenic deposits: research features

V. M. Sapozhnikov

Conditions for successful application of simple electrometry methods in searching for deep-seated pyrite deposits

M. V. Shabanov

Geochemistry of rivers bed deposits of the Krasnouralsk industrial hub


V. B. Sournev
V. B. Pyatkova
D. V. Islamgaliev

Channel communication method in exogenous theory geophysical systems  79-89



K. Kerimova
R. Ganiyeva

Study of genesis of productive series based on integrated well data (in case of Pirallahi field)
(In English)

R. Y. Urazbakhtin
D. A. Yungmeister

Determination of the rational parameters of screw loaders of the Ural-20R heading-and-winning machines

D. A. Potakhov

Determination of the strain-stress state of a power hydraulic cylinder in nonstationary loading mode

A. V. Zhabko

Continuum theory of shear disintegration of solid bodies


N. P. Kosarev
V. N. Makarov
A. V. Ugol'nikov
A. Y. Materov
N. V. Makarov
A. V. Lifanov

Similarity parameters for hydro-vortex blast isolation in mining enterprises 124-132
A. A. Reutov

Modelling the interaction of the belt with the out-of-line pulley of the conveyor




O. A. Romanova
D. V. Sirotin

The methodological approach to determining the environmental and economic efficiency of processing of man-made mineral formations
(In English)


V. N. Loginov
M. N. Ignatʹeva
V. V. Balashenko

Subsoil users as pollutants and environmentalists 150-156
A. I. Ivanov

Methodological provisions of the formation and evaluation economic disbenefit

I. V. Sokolov
N. V. Gobov
Y. M. Solomein

Environmental-friendly underground research geotechnologies of mining and processing of iron ore based on economic and mathematical modelling

I. V. Drozdova

The choice of socio-economic development areas
for one-factory towns




A. G. Shorin
Y. V. Erokhin

Dmitry Sergeevich Shteinberg (1910–1992)
and dmishteinbergite

V. V. Filatov

Monument to Henri Barbusse (creation story)



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