Issue 2(54), 2019

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)


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W. R. Gaweish
H. H. Marzouk
A. V. Petrov
I. A. Maraev

Magnetic data interpretation to determine the depth of basement rocks and structural elements of Mandisha village, El-Bahariya Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt (In English)

V. S. Ponomarev
K. S. Ivanov
V. V. Khiller

Mineralogy of schists from the basement of the southwestern part of the Tazovsky peninsula of the West Siberian megabasin (Lenzitskaya oil exploration area, YNAD)
(In English)

P. B. Shiryaev
N. V. Vakhrusheva

Chemical zoning of chrome-spinel nodules and oxythermobarometry of nodular chromitites of the Engayskoe-3 occurrence in the Rai-Iz massif (Polar Urals)
(In English)

L. F. Shadrin

Ediacarian fauna in the ancient strata of the Polar Urals 

I. S. Chashchukhin

About the genetic types of dunites in folded ultramafites areas (using the Urals as an example) 

Y. V. Erokhin
A. G. Shorin
A. V. Zakharov
A. E. Chugaev
L. V. Leonova
O. L. Galakhova
Chabazite-Mg from gabbroids of the Bazhenovskiy ophiolite complex (Middle Urals) is the first find in Russia 
G. A. Ponomareva

Metals in oil of the deposits of the Orenburg region 

T. R. Akhmedov
M. A. Agaeva
S. R. Mamedova

Forecasting of the petrophysical rock properties of the target interval of sediments of the Gazanbulak field according to the 3D seismic attribute analysis in combination with GIS 

V. A. Davydov
O. I. Fedorova
S. V. Baidikov

Application of 1D–2D inversion of electromagnetic sounding in the study of ground water dam 




V. D. Kantemirov
R. S. Titov
A. M. Yakovlev
M. V. Kozlova

The main trends of development of the iron ore industry in Russia 
(In English)

A. B. Maksimov
D. I. Shishlyannikov
N. V. Chekmasov

Determination of the rational parameters of screw loaders of the Ural-20R heading-and-winning machines 

A. V. Yudin
M. K. Abdulkarimov
A. G. Popov
V. S. Shestakov

Development and methods for determining the parameters of a vibration stand with an open-end deck plate 

P. B. Gerike

About a single diagnostic criterion for detecting defects of electric machines by the parameters of vibrations 

D. V. Glazunov

Ways to reduce wear of wheelsets of carriage rolling stock 

T. G. Sereda

Development of an automated fire-fighting system for the mine of the Third Solikamsk potash-mine administration 




V. N. Podkorytov
L. A. Mochalova

Determination of the discount rate for the conditions of enterprises of the mineral resources sector: argumentative issues 
(In English)

O. A. Logvinenko
V. Y. Strovskiy

Natural resources as part of national wealth 

V. A. Galkin
A. M. Makarov
S. I. Zakharov
M. N. Poleshchuk

Method of calculating the reserve of the working time of the coal producer staff for the purpose of its development 

O. A. Lapaeva

Performance standards of workers of a mining enterprise: ground rules and methods 

 T. A. Lebedeva

Features of system monitoring of forested areas in industrial regions of the Urals 




V. I. Ermolenko
Y. A. Polenov
V. N. Ogorodnikov

V. N. Avdonin (1925–2017) and avdoninite 

A. V. Starostin

The formation of Muslim communities in the mining settlements of the Urals and Siberia in the late XIX – early XX century 


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