Simple stationary filtering flows of incompressible non-newtonian oil in a homogeneous formation according to a general nonlinear law

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M. G. kyzy Alieva, N. G. ogly Valiev / News of the Ural State Mining University. 2021. Issue 1(61), pp. 39-45


Relevance. Three stationary hydrodynamic theoretical problems are solved, in which filtrations obey only the General nonlinear law. Simple flows occur in tasks: plane-parallel, plane-radial, and hemispherical-radial. All derived formulas – oil flow rate, filtration rate, pressure gradient, etc. – should be used to solve various practical problems of the development of these deposits and even when drawing up a project for the development of such deposits.
The methodology of the research. It should be noted that a plane-parallel simple filtration flow of oil originates from a strip-like reservoir to a straight gallery. In addition, such a simple filtration fluid flow also occurs when the oil field under development has several parallel rectilinear rows of production production wells and, in some cases, there may be rows of injection water wells in the reservoir.
Research results. In oil-bearing areas between parallel adjacent rows, oil filtration is also plane-parallel. Hence, the practical significance of solving the first problem of a plane-parallel oil flow in this scientific article becomes clear. Planar-radial simple filtration flow of oil originates from a circular horizontal formation to a central production well. In addition, such a simple filtration fluid flow also occurs when a strip-like oil field being developed has several (usually three or four) parallel straight rows of production production wells. In the drainage zones of these wells, a simple flat-radial filtration flow also occurs.
Conclusions. From the foregoing, the practical significance of a radial plane oil flow becomes clear. Hemispherical – a radial simple filtration flow of oil originates from a hemispherical reservoir to a central well, barely penetrated by the reservoir by its hemispherical concave bottom. By analyzing these calculation formulas, you can identify the specific features of the development of deposits, develop and implement measures to eliminate undesirable phenomena.

: filtration flows, non-newtonian oil, nonlinear law, incompressible oil, homogeneous reservoir, flow rate,
filtration rate, duration of advance, differential equation.



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