Issue 8, 1998

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Issue 8, 1998

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General, Historical and Regional Geology

Panyak S.G. Theoretical Basis of Determined Processes in Geology (7-12)

Bogoyavlenskaya O. V., Snigireva M. P. Evolution of Paleoecosystems of Early and Middle Devonian in the Northern Part of Eastem-Ural Basin (13-17)

Bogoyavlenskaya O. V. Experience of Zonal Separation of Middle Devonian and Frasnian Sedimentations on Stromatoporates (18-24)

Anfimov L. V., Kororova Ye. V. Tectonic Conditions of Formation of Basalt Masses of Riph of the Southern Urals and a Contiguous Part of the Russian Platform (25-27)

Boltyrov V. B. The Structure of Norgaisky Ore Bearing Zone (CPR, Western Tsinlin’) (28-31)

Dushin V. A. Riphean Ophiolitic Association of the Arctic Urala (32-38)

Zaitsev l. P. To Metallogeny of Trans-Ural Mesozoid (39-41)

Popova O. M. Petrochemical Peculiarities of Young Magmatites of the Arctic Urals (42-43)

Dovgopoly V. N. Levels of Phosphate Bearing of the Arctic Urals Mineralogy', Petrography and Geochemistry (44-48)

Sustavov O. A. Cleavage and Recrystallization of Quartz in Terrigeny Rocks of Verkhoyansky Complex (Yano-Indigirsky Zone) (49-55)

Yerokhin Yu. V., Shagalov Ye. S. Boron-Bearing Minerals of Bazhenovsky Deposit of Chrysorile-Asbestos (56-57)

Sustavov S. G., Kanonerov A. A. Bindheimite from the Zone of Oxidation of Utldnsky Silver-Lead Mine (58)

Makarov A. B. Streaky Mineralization of Kirdinsky Stockwork-Greisen Tungsten-Molybdenum Deposit in the Middle Trans-Urals (59-63)

Kropantsev S. Yu. Novo-Karkodinsky Deposit of Demantoide as the Unique Source of Jewelry Topazolite (64-68)

Druzhinina N. M. Microstructure Peculiarities of Southern Urals Jaspers (69-74)

Kleimenov D. A. Collecting of Minerals in the Urals (75-77)

Geology, Forecast, Search and Prospecting of Mineral Deposits

Rudnitsky V. F. Quasielision Model of Formation of Copper-Pyrite Deposits of the Ural Type (78-82)

Malakhov I. А., Burmako P. L. The Temperature of Formation of Dunites and Chromites of Zonal Masses of the Urals and Platinoids Containing in them (83-88)

Rapoport M. S., Barannikov A. G. Mesozoic Endogenous Mineralogy of the Urals (Some

peculiarities and Problems) (89-93)

Barannikov A. G. Hypogene - Hypergeny Type of Gold Mineralization in the Urals (94-98)

Ugryumov A. N., Dvomik G. P., Balakhonov V'. S. Late Mesozoi Metasomatites and Gold Mineralization of Nimgerkansky Ore Knot (Aldansky Schield) (99-103)

Buzmakov V.N. New Data on the Structure, Mineral-Geochemical Zonality and Stages of Hydrothermal Antimony-Mercury Mineralization of Chau-Vaisky Ore Field (104-107)

Petrukha L. M. Composition of Geological Fields of Deposits of Granulated Quartz (108-111)

Sushanek (Pechinina) Ye. B., Alexeev V. P. Lite logo-Facial Composition of Coal-bearing Sediments of Ulugkhemsky basin (112-116)

Russldy V. I., Volostnova N. V. To Genetic Classification of the Urals Peat (117-121)

Panov Yu. K. Metrological Providing of Sampling by a Method of Dotted Trench in Sampling of Copper Pyrite Deposits of the Urals (122-126)

Theory and Methodology of Exploration Geophysics

Filatov V. V., Kassin G. G. Tectogravimetry in Studying of Fault Zones (127-131)

Kashubin S. N. Seismic Anisotropy of Upper Mantle of the Urals (132-136)

Bondarev V. I., Krylatkov N . A., Kuznetsov R. V., Krylatkov S. M. Investigation of Two-Dimensional Inhomogenious Media on Godographs of Primary Waves (137-141)

Vinogradov V. B. Magnetic and Density Interpretational Spline-Models (142-144)

Sapozhnikov V. M., Petryaev V. Ye. Electric Properties of Two-Component Geological Bodies (145-150)

Davydov A. V., Davydov V. A., Orlov R. N. Increasing of Exactness of Continuous Nuclear Physical Measurements by a Method of Statistic Grouping of Useful Information (151-158)

Applied Tasks of Geophysical Investigations

Kassin G. G., Filatov V. V. To the Problem of Searching of Deposits of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials in the North-East of the Sverdlovsk region (159-162)

Syskov S. S. Determination of Parameters of Anisotropy of Electric Conductivity of Medium with the Use of Boreholes (163-172)

Sapozhnikov V. M. Accounting of Anisotropy Factor in Forming of Geoelectric Models of Ore Deposits (173-177)

Kuzin A. V. Indication of Verkh-Lobva Center of Andesite Magmatism in Physical Fields (178-180)

Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and the Environment Protection

Vishnyak A. I. Ecological Aspects of Exploitation of Near Valley Deposits of Underground Waters in the Middle Urals (181-186)

Abaturova I. V., Afanasiadi E. I. Engineering-Geological Characteristics of Carbonate Mass of Vorontsovsk Deposit (187-191)

Zoteev V. G., Kosterova T. G., Tagiltsev S. N. Problems of Geological Environment in Reprocessing and Burying of Technogenous Wastes (192-194)

Tagiltsev S. N., Zevakhin A. I., Morozov M. G. Influence of Tense State of Limestone Masses on Karst Development (195-198)

Semyachkov A. I. Evaluation and Forecast of Geochemical Pollution of the Environment by Heavy Metals under the Influence of Slaggy Dumps (199-203)

Parfenova L. P. Investigation of Absorption Ability of Solid Slimes in Relation to Heavy Metals (on the example of Malosemisty and Sorinsky Slime Reseiyoirs) (204-205)

Makarov L. V. Problems of Investigation and Development of Technogenous Formations (206-211)


Rudnitsky V. F. Department of Geology of Mineral Deposits is 75 (212)

Gryaznov O. N. Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology is 75 (213-217)

Miass Geological Prospecting College is 75 (218)

Vershinin A. S. is 70 years old  (219)

Memorial Dates

Memories to Al’bov M. N. (220)

Memories to Kutyukhin P. I. (220)


III Ural Litological Conference “Regularities of Composition of Sedimentary Masses” (221-222)

Abstracts (Russian) (223-234)

Abstracts (English) (235-245)

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