Issue 1(41), 2016

Issue 1(41), 2016


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P. P. fon Weimarn. A new world chemical compounds (homochemical compounds) (pp. 12-16) pdf (In English)



A. V. Kuzin. Miass junction of Tagil and Magnitogorsk complexes (pp. 17-28) pdf (In Russian)

A. V. Inkin, I. A. Sadovenko, Yu. V. Khriplivets. Evaluation of the suitability of the geological structures of the Western Donbass to create aquifer storage facilities (pp. 29-38) pdf (In Russian)

V. V. Babenko, Yu. A. Polenov, V. N. Ogorodnikov. Role of intrusive magmatism in genesis of Berezovsk gold deposit (Middle Urals) (pp. 39-49) pdf (In Russian)

S. V. Berzin, Yu. V. Erokhin, K. S. Ivanov, V. V. Khiller. Features of mineral and geochemical composition of Chelyabinsk meteorite (pp. 50-61) pdf (In English)

Z. M. Bobrova, O. Yu. Il'ina, G. A. Studenok, E. M. Tseytlin. Impact of enterprises of Ural mineral resource complex on water resources (pp. 67-71) pdf (In English)

A. V. Zhabko. Theory of calculation of stability of slopes and bases. General theory of calculation of stability of homogeneous slopes (pp. 72-83) pdf (In Russian)



V. T. Dmitriev, S. A. Timukhin, S. V. Dmitriev, A. S. Timukhin. Justification of rational water flow rate in the discharge lines of mine drainage systems (pp. 84-87) pdf (In Russian)

S. N. Kostarev, T. G. Sereda. Development of system of mine access control based on industrial controller OMRON (pp. 88-93) pdf (In Russian)

A. Yu. Stovmanenko, A. N. Anushenkov. Increase of system effectiveness of pipeline transport of cast stowage mixes at their mechanical activation, in the conditions of underground mining of mineral deposits (pp. 94-102) pdf (In Russian)

A. O. Islent'ev, E. O. Churakov. Features of creating mine sectional double-flow pumps (pp. 103-105) pdf (In Russian)

D. I. Shishlyannikov. Usage of recorders of work settings of tunneling-clearing combines at forecasting of gas-dynamic phenomena on potash mines (pp. 106-111) pdf (In Russian)



E. V. Dolgova, E. E. Vasil'eva. Systemic risk in the modern world: definition, assessment, management (pp. 112-117) pdf (In Russian)

A. I. Tatarkin, V. V. Balashenko, A. V. Dushin, M. N. Ignat'eva, A. A. Litvinova, V. G. Loginov, I. G. Polyanskaya, A. I. Semyachkov, Yu. O. Slavikovskaya, V. V. Yurak. Geological- ecological- social- and economic approach to the development of natural resource potential of northern poorly known areas according to the system theory (p. 126-132) pdf (In English)

V. E. Strovskiy, V. N. Valiev. Implementation of resource saving policy in the conditions of mining company (pp. 133-138) pdf (In Russian)

P. P. Krylatkov, I. O. Blinkov. Assessment of effects of industrial enterprises of partnership (pp. 139-144) pdf (In Russian)

I. A. Kul'kova, A. P. Bezrukikh. Features of rationing of work in recruiting (p. 149-151) pdf (In English)



A. G. Shorin. Our journal history (pp. 152-158) pdf (In Russian) 

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