Issue 1(53), 2019

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)


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S. V. Shimanskiy
A. Tarshan
Basement configuration depth methods of airborne magnetic data in the eastern Gulf of Suez, Egypt
(In English)
O. B. Azovskova
M. Yu. Rovnushkin
E. I. Soroka
Petrochemical features of the dike complex of the Vorontsovskoye gold-ore deposit (Northern Urals)
(In English)
 I. A. Baksheev
E. A. Vlasov
About chemistry of tourmaline from Mnogovershinnoe ore deposit (Khabarovsk Krai, Far East)
(In English)
M. P. Popov
O. P. Peleshko
E. A. Bazhenova
V. S. Ivanchenko
V. V. Bakhterev
Geophysical criteria for the separation of productive micaceous veins of the Mariinsky emerald-beryllium deposit
(the Middle Urals)
(In English)
D. K. Azhgaliev
S. M. Isenov
S. G. Karimov
New opportunities for processing and interpreting seismic data in estimating the viability of local objects
M. S. Glukhov The morphology and internal structure of natural and man-made iron oxide microspheres
G. I. Strashnenko Mechanisms and causes of changes in the shape of crystals during their growth
A. V. Alekseev
P. E. Verbilo
Numerical modeling of stability of the forehead of the face in the area of heterogeneity with undrained array model
 S. G. Panyak
S. A. Degtyarev
Asteroids, comets and meteorites – products of the explosion of the Phaethon planet



P. A. Korchagin
A. B. Letopolskiy
I. A. Teterina
Results of studies for the modernized equipment of a pipelayer
(In English)
Ab. G. Rzayev
S. R. Rasulov
Identification of the mechanism of tectonic movements of the Earth's crust
V. A. Ageenko Study of the rheological properties of salt rock
 A. M. Mazhitov
S. A. Korneev
D. V. Domozhirov
P. V. Volkov 
Substantiation of parameters of underground geotechnology for the development of dispersed ore bodies of staged occurrence
M. L. Khazin Electric trucks for underground and open pit mining
I. P. Timofeev
M. S. Stolyarova
Substantiation of parameters of friction drive units for the ore mining and dressing plant



 A. N. Ivanov
M. N. Ignat'eva
N. G. Pustokhina
Environmental impact analysis as a tool for state regulation of economic activity
(In English)
I. A. Zabelina
Yu. V. Kolotovkina
Ecological and economic development of municipalities of the Zabaykalsky Krai in the context of "green" economy
V. G. Loginov
V. V. Balashenko
Sustainable natural resource use: approaches to evaluation
E. N. Sidorova
A. V. Trynov
The role of development institutions in building up investment resources of old industrial territories



 Yu. V. Erokhin
K. S. Ivanov
Svyatoslav Nestorovich Ivanov (1911–2003) and Svyatoslavite
 V. V. Filatov Geophysics department and its variations

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