Issue 6, 1997

Issue 6, 1997

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FILATOV V. V. Let the God Keep it Safe (The Highest Mining School of the Urals is 80 years old) (7-10)

BEBENINA T. P. The Mining-Engineering Department on the Eve of the 80th jubilee of USAMG (11-32)


MASLENNIKOV V. A. Mathematical Models of Technical Systems «Chamber of Crushing of a Crusher KMD», «Working Process of a Crusher KMD» (33-47)

KASYANOV P. A. Technological Zones of Working Space of a Dragline and Resistance to Bucket Taking out from the Face (48-52)

KASYANOV P. A. Dynamics of Elastic System of Draglines, Including Flexility of Roller Circle and the Ground of Basement (53-59)

BOYARSKIKH G. A. Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of Tense-Deformed State (TDS) of Vybro-Strengthened Hard-Alloy of Inserts of Drilling Instruments (60-75)

BOYARSKIKH G. A. Forecasting of original tense-deformed state of hard-alloy inserts before reinforcement of drilling instruments (76-86)

KOMISSAROV A. P., SHESTAKOV V. S. Optimization of Parameters of Mechanism of Rotation Platform of One-Bucket Excavator (87-90)

KAZAK S. A. Fatigue Durability in Occasional Loading (91-95)

LYAPTSEV S. A. Determination of Energy Consumption on Beating off the Material Sticked to the Bucket (96-99)

LAGUNOVA Yu. A. Energy Model of the Process of Rocks Crushing by Compression (100-104)


YUDIN A. V. Methods of Designing and Calculation of Heavy Vybrotransport Machines for Quarry Transfer Systems (105-136)

BEBENINA T. P. Investigation of Mechanics of Hydrotransport Flow in Laboratory Conditions (137-156)

CHASS S. I. Determination of Terminal Velocity of Fine-Grained Matreials by a Method of Suspended State (157-164)

AKHLYUSTINA N. V., KHABIBULIN B. V. Cleaners of Railways from Snow and Spills (165-168)


BRAGIN V. G. Mathematical Model of Liquid Movement in Hydrocyclone (169-171)

PELEVIN Ye. A., TSYPIN Ye. F., SHALYUGINA V. A. Magnetic Separation of Lumpy Asbestos Ore (172-175)

CHUYANOV G. G. Investigation of Efficiency of Work of a Drum Conditioner (176-180)


KOMAROV A. Ya., PROKOPHYEV Ye. V. Analytical Determination of Parameters of Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Jaw and Cone Crushers (181-188)

SITNIKOV N. B., TROP V. A., SANNIKOV A. A. Determination of Optimum Time of Working of Rock Crushing Instrument Becoming Blunt (189-192)

TROP V. A., SANNIKOV A. A. Formation of Data Base in a System of Calculation and Analysis of Technical-Economic Indications of Concentrators (193-194)

OLCHOVSKY I. F., GLAVATSKIKH N. N., FILIPPOV I. Yu., KONSHINA A. I. Technological Diagrams for Controlling of Grinding-Floatation Complex (195-198)


POROZHSKIY K. P., SAITOV V. I. Principles of System Approach in Teaching of Special Disciplines at the Department of MMC (199-204)

POROZHSKIY K. P. System Approach to Studying of Educational Disciplines of Mining Machines (205-208)

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