Issue 3(31), 2013

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 3(31), 2013


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Kuzin A. V. Geological and geophysical background of revealing of copper and gold-ore mineralization in Verkhniy Tagil trough (the middle Urals) (5-9) pdf

Erokhin Yu. V., Ivanov K. S., Hiller V. V. Accessory mineralization of A-type granitoids from the basement of Tynyar area (eastern part of the Western-Siberian plate) (10-17) pdf

Sustavov O. A. Around vein phengite gumbeites of the central part of Shartashsky granite massif: structural details of metasomatic columns (18-23) pdf

Fadeichev A. F., Tseitlin E. M., Flyagina E. V., Korobeinikova Yu. V., Reichert A. V. The priority ranking of the environment tasks of mining production with the help of integral indicator of ecological hazard (24-27) pdf


Makarov V. N., Gorbunov S. A., Kornilova T. A. Analysis and proposals for improving the wind loading of mine fans (28-32) pdf

Timukhin S. A., Ugolnikov A. V., Dolganov A. V. Substantiation of the strategy of determination of normal daily water inflow in selection of water draining equipment (33-36) pdf

Ugolnikov A. V., Stozhkov D. S., Dmitriev S. V. To the question of substantiation of a rational step height in a multistep schemes of mine dewatering (37-49) pdf

Popov Yu. V., Timukhin S. A., Kopachev V. F., Gorshkova E. M. Evaluation parameters of blast waves in its interaction with elements of protection devices (40-42) pdf

Shlemov I. A., Galyanov A. V. Methods of triangle equalization (43-46) pdf


Strovsky V. E., Kosolapov O. V. Innovation of technical basis of mining companies (47-51) pdf

Dushin A. V., Ignatieva M. N. Impact of mineral resources on economic growth (52-56) pdf

Shorina E. V., Ignatieva M. N. The main positions of implementation of quality management system at higher schools (57-63) pdf

Burtsev I. N., Burtceva I. G., Dushin A. V. Assessment of mineral resources impact of Timan-Severouralsk-Barents sea region on development of interregional cooperation and integration of the Urals and north-west of Russian Federation (64-74) pdf


Polenov Yu. A., Shirihanova N. A. To the century of Ural state mining university. History pages of UGI–SGI–UGI–UGGGA–UGGU (75-79)


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