Issue 2 - 2021

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ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)


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H. A. M. Awad
I. A. L. Ali
A. V. Nastavkin
A. S. Tolba
M. K. A. Ghani
M. A. A. Hassan
M. M. F. Ghoneim
A. S. A. Gawad

Geological and Tectonic Setting of Andesitic Rock in Central Eastern Desert, Egypt

(In English)

М. P. Popov
V. I. Solomonov
А. V. Spirina
М. A. Ivanov
V. V. Kuptsova
А. G. Nikolaev

An analysis of geochemical features of crystallization of emeralds as an approach to determine the deposit of them

(In English)

A. B. Makarov
G. G. Khasanova
M. S. Glukhov
M. A. Pan’shin

Features of the material composition and possible technologies of pyrite cinders processing

(In English)

V. S. Ponomarev
K. S. Ivanov
Y. V. Erokhin
N. N. Farrakhova

Features of the composition of metapelites from the basement of the Arctic part of the West Siberian megabasin (Verkhnerechenskaya exploration area, Yamal Peninsula)

(In English)

P. B. Shiryaev
N. V. Vakhrusheva

Zonality of ore-forming chrome spinels of medium-chrome and aluminous chromitites of the Voikaro-Syninsky massif

(In English)

Y. A. Polenov
V. N. Ogorodnikov
A. Y. Kisin
History of prospecting and development of deposits of quartz raw materials in the Urals and the prospect of their further use 48
A. G. Barannikov On the digitalization of the parameters of native gold particles in the study of placers and concentrate and mineralogical studies 60
V. V. Bakhterev Analysis of dielectric losses in chromespinelide samples from the ophiolite complexes of the Urals 73
V. I. Golik
Kh. Kh. Kozhiev
M. A. Golodov
V. N. Armeiskov
Research of the properties of rocks during fragmenting and crushing in mechanical mills 81
V. A. Dushin Metallogeny of the Lyapinsky megablock (Subpolar Urals) 88
E. S. Kontar’ Methodological aspects of regional metallogenic analysis 106
D. I. Petrova Technogenic transformation of the underground hydrosphere of Kazan. Lower Kazanian aquifer complex 114
A. V. Ovcharenko
V. V. Litovskiy
V. A. Shchapov
Geophysical search for fragments of the Sterlitamak meteorite 123
K. O. Sokolov Development of a model of a ground-penetrating radar section of a frozen rock massif with a crack 134
O. I. Ivanova Analysis of the components of the water balance of river basins during the formation of the Selenga and Onon rivers 140



V. S. Velikanov
N. V. Dyorina
A. N. Korotkova
K. S. Dyorina

The challenges of Industry 4.0 and the need for new answers in the mining industry

(In English)

Y. V. Petrov Assessment of environmental values, significance and efficiency of the specially protected natural area called «Kartashovsky forest» in the Tyumen region 167
Z. K. Galiev
N. V. Galieva
I. V. Drozdova
Financial strategy for large coal producers 178
M. N. Ignat’eva
V. E. Strovskiy
V. V. Yurak
N. G. Pustokhina
A. N. Ivanov
Legal support for the restoration of lands disturbed by mining operations: Experience in the Russian Federation 183
V. G. Loginov Rotation system as the basic source of workforce for the development of oil and gas resources of the arctic polar regions 191 



V. V. Khiller Dmitry Vasilyevich Nalivkin (1889–1982) and nalivkinite  202
V. V. Filatov Fellow experts in gravity surveying  210



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