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Magmatism and metallogeny of the transverse structures of the North  Urals pdf

V. A. Dushin

The article contains summarized results of the study of Late Paleozoic-Mesozoic magmatic complexes of the North Urals; there are three age levels of the plume-type intraplate magmatism: Permian-Triassic alkaline-acid (Torasoveysky, Levdievsky, Pon'insky complexes), Triassic-Jurassic trappean (Musyursky, Yatyinsky complexes), and Jurassic-Cretaceous alkaline-basite (Yalyayakhinsky, Marunsky, and Osoveisky complexes). The author shows their confinement to transverse disjunctive structures discordant to the general submeridional structure of the folded system. For the first time the author provides results of studying the isotope age of magmatites and describes their geochemical and metallogenic specializations. Thus, the Late Permian-Early Triassic stage is characterized by the manifestation of alkaline-acidic magmatism and associated mineralization of rare metal-albitite (Ta-Nb-Th-U) with gold and platinoids (Taykeusky, Longotsky deposits), quartz-fluorite and carbonatefluorite (Amderminsky deposit), and gold-copper-molybdenum-porphyry (Levdievsky manifestation) formations. The ore objects of the Triassic-Jurassic stage due to the magmatism of trappean type are represented by small objects of gold-porphyry (Petropavlovsky deposit) formation, as well as by deposits of crystal, Iceland spar
(Khasavarka, Pelin-gichey deposit) and agates (Harbeysky-Yagodny manifestation). The productivity of alkaline-basite-ultrabasite magmatism formations, attributed to manifestations of mantle and crust-mantle types, is of interest primarily for their probable diamond content (Nemziyakhinsky complex). In addition, alkalinebasite magmatism is promising for the manifestations of mercury, tungsten-mercury (Malotal'beysky, Sfinks manifestations), gold-quartz-sulfide with platinoids (Penzengoyakhinsky manifestation and others) and quartz-antimonite (Verkhnekhanmeisky, Slavkino ore manifestations) formations. The author makes a conclusion on the connection between the magmatism of the Urals and the processes that occurred in the foundation of the West Siberian plate.

Keywords: North Urals; tectonic structures; magmatic complexes; monzonites; dolerites; lamproites; rare metals; isotopic age.



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