Issue 2(34), 2014

Rare earth pegmatites and carbonatites of the Ufaley metamorphic complex (South Urals) pdf

Ogorodnikov V. N., Polenov Yu. A., Savichev A. N.

Rare, rare metal, mica-bearing, ceramic and rock crystal pegmatites are related to pegmatite genetic type. Generally accepted geological classification of granitic pegmatites by the depth: greater depths (rare), depths (mica-bearing), moderate depths (rare metal) and shallow depths (ceramic and rock crystal). In Ufaley metamorphic complex all these genotypes were combined in a long-lived Slyudyanogorsk suture zone of precambrian inception which is actively functioning during Paleozoic conflict transformation.

Keywords: pegmatites; carbonatites; rare earth; Ufaley complex; South Urals.


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