Issue 3(35), 2014

Platinum and platinum-placers of the Urals, criteria and features of their spatial association with the primary sources pdf

Barannikov A. G., Osovetsky B. M.

Platinum and platinum placers of the Urals and the issues of their spatial association with the primary sources are considered in a paper. Indigenous sources of platinum - mafic-ultramafic massifs of Platinum Belt were characterized. Placers are divided into groups: near-demolition, the demolition of moderate, high drift and redeposition. The last ones has major consideration. On the example of Isovsky and Aktau-Talitsky placer districts we made paleo-geo-morfological reconstructions, justifying a significant role of paleo-flows of Early Mesozoic age in the formation of placers. There was described the transformation of platinum grains during transportation. On the basis of electron-microscopic study of the surface, grain size data, chemical composition, there was proposed a number of test features, allowing to estimate the level of elongation of grains of platinum and use the data at a forecasting and search operations.

Keywords: platinum; primary sources; placers; flows; depression; particle size; typomorphism; typochemism.

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